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As SAĞLIKLI GIDA URUNLERI (SGÜ), we have been leading Turkey’s beverage sector since 2003 and we have been successfully representing our country in the global market with our exports to all over the world.

Our company provides its services with its experienced staff, innovative management and its ever-developing sense of quality.

Our production facility is in Istanbul Celaliye and it has a total area of 22,000 m2.

Our products, which we have produced in line with our High Quality standards without compromising the institutional structure, are offered for sale in the markets both in Turkey and in different country markets.

Besides the registered brands that we work with, our company has been the first choice of many international brands for contract manufacturing, and has been reflecting its experiences regarding the sector into the products it produces.

We are proud to make a name for our country with our products in the ever-growing world market.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all our business partners who have been with us along this path.


Our mission is to produce healthy and quality products for the beverage sector.


Our vision is to provide all kinds of foodstuffs demanded by the domestic and international beverage sector to a wide range of customers.

Our Environment Policy

Our primary duty is to protect the environment in the context of continuous improvement and sustainable development in every working environment in which we operate, while providing the products which we produce at high quality and hygiene level to our consumers, at all stages, as from raw material procurement to the consumption of the final product.

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